Dr. Christine Osgood, D.Min., LMFT
The Urban Retreat
For the past 15 years, I have been working in higher education at Bethel University in St.Paul, Minnesota. During this time, I have worked in Residence Life, Counseling Services and as adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department. I completed a Doctorate of Ministry with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation since I deeply desire to see transformation occur in our lives and relationships.  Additionally, I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys helping people understand the systems they have emerged from or are currently living in.  Most recently, I have begun helping others work toward an integrated understanding of their mind, body and spirit. I prefer to utilize a holistic approach to mental health and spiritual well-being.

In an effort to be transparent - I want you to know now - I come from a Judeo-Christian background and my worldview is influenced by the life and teachings of Jesus. For some, this will be familiar ground. For others, this is not their preferred paradigm.  Some of the retreats I provide will have this spiritual background influence the material.  Other retreats are non-religious. 

​​Whether I have been teaching, seeing clients, leading retreats or facilitating workshops, I have always delighted in providing space for people to engage experiential learning that is transformational for their everyday lives.

For all you assessment junkies out there, here's a glimpse into me:

StrengthsFinder:  Learner, Connectedness, Intellection, Futuristic, Empathy
Multiple Intelligences:  Intrapersonal, Interpersonal
Sacred Pathways:  Intellectual, Naturalist, Enthusiast​

You can reach me at:​​